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Foundations of Fitness

My mission is to design the blueprint for those who need more structure in their journey to a healthier body. - Jason Johnson

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Meet Jason

I was first introduced to weight training at the age of 14. Without any proper education on strength training & conditioning, I managed to achieve new levels of muscle development. This would come at the expense of my joint health, as I proceeded to exercise improper technique and neglect muscle groups that were vital to my safety. 

Not only that, but I had absolutely no clue as to what I should eat or how to balance my caloric intake. By the time I reached the age of 23, my body was dealing with several ailments which compromised my training. I had tendinitis in both shoulders, low back pain and was diagnosed with prehypertension. 


An aspiring film student at the time, I took the summer off to focus on my health and well being. Though my training regime became very sporadic at the time, I was able to focus much of my energy towards my eating habits. After making the necessary adjustments, the very course of my life and career changed forever.

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Foundations of fitness wellness program

What is Foundations of Fitness?

  • Are you someone who wants to get fit but doesn’t know where to start? 
  • Is your local gym closed and you are in need of a personalized workout routine which keeps your injuries and ailments into consideration? 
  • Would you like guidance with implementing healthier options into your daily eating habits? 
If you said yes to any of these questions, please consider my comprehensive 4 week wellness program, Foundations of Fitness!


Hi! I’m Coach Jason, Creator of the Foundation of Fitness project. My mission is to design the blueprint for those who need more structure in their journey to a healthier body. With all of the distractions in our day to day life, It is all too easy to set aside our own well being. Unfortunately, without access to our nearby training facilities and fitness professionals, most of us have been subjected to a “copy and paste” online workout program. Foundations of Fitness offers constant client to trainer rapport, intuitive nutrition coaching and handcrafted fitness programs created for your specific needs.